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Hi, my name is Inelia Benz.

You may know me by what I feel is the most important tool on the planet: The Fear Processing Exercise. The full exercise is available for you for free here.

You may also know me for the Driving To The Rez podcast, which Larry and I send out every week. Or the Ascension101 Course, which imo is the most effective integrative soul/body/spirit course on the planet.

I thought I would introduce myself as this part, who I am as a singular person, is a key component in explaining who The We Collective are.

Hi, we are humorously called The We by Inelia.

You probably don’t know us yet, or maybe you do. We are not singularly just Inelia and we have been in touch both as Inelia and as We with others around the world. And by others, we mean other people and other species here. We thank the creation of this website and the opportunity to speak directly to you, who are interested in what we have to say. Inelia is part of who we are and we are part of who she is.

Our creation of Inelia has taken over 50 Earth years, it has been a long and complex work to get to where we are today both in ability to communicate as well as experiencing and learning what life is as a singular person. We are not, will not, and have not “channeled”, incarnated as, or spoken “through” another person on Earth. We have spoken to others, but not through others. If you want to hear us, you also get Inelia, and if you get Inelia you also get us.

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The We Talks

Before I go onto who The We Collective is, I want to let you know why we have created this website. Many people who have gone to one of my live events in person, have already met The We. Most have asked for them to come to the fore and speak more, teach more, explain more about our lives, Earth, the Universe, their particular lives etc..

But, although they have been making an appearance since 2010, it is only now 2022 that the time feels right for introducing them at a world level.

So, here we are

How are they going to speak? Well, there is mainly one way to do so:

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  • Only in the Newsletter will you receive invitations to live events with The We online or presential.

In short, subscribe to the newsletter to get everything that The We decide to share with us during this time.

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The We Collective
A Summary

On this page, you will get a full history and explanation of who The We are. However, I like to read summaries before I get too involved in someone’s work, just to make sure I can truth it, and to make sure it resonates with me, in other words, it is something I am interested in. That’s why I am providing a summary for you, so that you can get the core frequency of what this is all about and figure out if you feel inspired to delve deeper.

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Here is the summary:

What is their name?

The We Collective is not really called that. They don’t in fact have a name. But, at age 14-16 I decided to give them a name. As nothing really captured their essence, in human language of words, I decided to start calling them We. That’s it. Nothing complex or divine about their name.

Are they a channeled entity?

No. And to me this is where things get interesting. The We were in fact my primary embodied “personality” from ages 0-7, then my Inelia personality was “channeled” into place for most of the day in order to have a regular and normal life on Earth. In 2016, The We and I, with Larry’s help, worked on integrating a joined level of awareness. In other words, although I am distinctly separate from The We, as Inelia, I can and have conscious awareness of when they are at the forefront of my experience, and vice versa. More details about this will be forthcoming in the articles and website.

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Is this a split personality?

My parents were both University professors and had many friends in the psychology department. As one of the few couples with kids, my siblings and I were subjected to multiple psychological tests and experiments. During my school career in England, part of the care for refugee kids was a weekly visit to a psychologist. None of these experts saw The We or me as a split personality disorder. Nor does my experience of being We and I have any of the symptoms associated with a split personality condition.

Is the Inelia Benz information and classes from The We Collective?

Most of the work is the result of an expanded awareness that is indeed a side effect of being a We. However, The We Collective has different and expanded information for us, and that is why this page was created, so they could speak.

Flower - Inelia Benz

Is Inelia or The We writing the content of this page?

In order to make this easier to read, I, Inelia and We, the collective, have decided to tag team the writing of the articles and newsletters.

What do you do now?

Here it is:

That’s it!

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