We the We


We recently, in the past 9 years, realized that Inelia wasn’t our idea. This came as a shock, as we thought we had had the original and exciting idea of gathering data of what it is like to be a singular person and then going on to create one so we could incarnate on Earth.

To tell the truth, it was such a shock that we left her “be” for three of your years with barely any communication or awareness sharing at all. 

For you the reader, the above sentences might be confusing. Or maybe not. Probably yes. The truth is that we are the main entity living on Earth as Inelia, and she is our creation. Not a creation in the sense of an almighty God who creates entities (we haven’t met one yet and we are eternal both in time and space). 

For now we will explain what we thought we were doing, and at some future time, we will explore and explain what we found out we were actually doing and why. Explaining our experience as we thought we were having it, will, in our opinion, be more conducive to an understanding of who and what We are and what Inelia is.

Before Inelia’s body was conceived, and we would like to remind you that all humans are dual beings of a body and soul, we worked for millennia (not an actual number, we use this word figuratively to give an idea of a very, very long timespan from the perspective of someone who counts years and has a very short lifespan. We don’t count in years and we don’t “die”) on a way to be able to experience life as a singular person. A soul and a physical body.

Why would we be interested in that? Because, like you “humans” we love to gather data and explore new things. In that sense we are very similar and compatible in our goals and dreams.

Let’s go back to the beginning. A long time ago, in a space far far away, we had the “original” idea of having an experience of gathering information and experience of being a singular entity in a physical dimension. We became very excited about this, but we had one major problem. The human body, which is the one we wanted to have, although genetically altered to accept a soul, it won’t accept just any soul. What is a soul anyway? And what is a soul that is compatible with a human body?

All these were questions we had to investigate and work with.

A soul simply IS. It is and always has been. It is not created and has always been as is. We are not a soul. We are more like a pasta strainer. Something that is more like a thing with lots of holes where we can look through, communicate with and experience many dimensions, timelines and universes.  That is not a soul.

Problem number one, create a soul that can contain our awareness.

But souls are not created! So, we needed something like a bit of a soul, that was the same size of a regular human soul, and could be used by us, with some tweaking, to embody at an awareness level.

Are you lost yet? Don’t worry, we will talk about this many times in many ways that eventually will create an understanding of what we mean.

We “borrowed” a bit from a soul that is the size of an entire universe. We didn’t think it would notice, but unfortunately, some years back it did notice. As it had never had contact with another of its kind, it now observes what happens to us as now we are what might be considered this entity’s child. Not a clone, as our awareness has already changed that bit of soul that we took from it. And by bit, we are talking about something that is a millionth of a quark in size.

We worked diligently, with input and information from many species, to link our awareness into that bit of soul. It worked. Once we had that in place, we started looking for a body that would host us.

Bodies are picky. Most said “no”. 

Some said “yes”, but then died anyway as we were not fully compatible to be incarnated yet. We say died anyway because all the bodies we approached were going to die either before birth or soon after. Their souls were marked to leave, and we approached the bodies with our proposal.

Every time we failed, we went back to the drawing board, to find out what was happening. We then figured out with the help of what you may call an “alien species” that our “soul” vibrated at a slightly different bandwidth than what human bodies had been created to host. This alien species decided (again, what they thought was their original idea), to help us and provide us with some of their genetic material to tweak the body so that it would be able to host us. It basically made the body more subtle and able to withstand our soul’s frequency.

We wonder if to give the details about why the body we have, Inelia has, was going to have experiences that would cause her death three times during the nine months of gestation and a few minutes after birth. We feel the details are not conducive to further exploration by the reader, so we will not go into it. The result, however, was that we did approach the body and the soul it was paired with after two months from conception date and she agreed to host us after her soul departed. She didn’t agree at first, but we convinced her. We healed her from the three incidents during gestation and immediately after birth, so she would live. We healed her again the other times she nearly died after birth and throughout her life. 

Our first experience of being singularly incarnated was at birth. We entered the body and didn’t know what to do. The body tried to show us, teach us how to be incarnated, but the truth was we ignored her, mostly, and tried to do it our way. It didn’t have good results, but that’s a memory for another day.